Demand input on the Senate's secret health care repeal bill

The Senate is planning to submit to the CBO a secret health care repeal bill with zero input from experts, or the people whose lives and care could jeopardized by the language of the bill. If you will be impacted by the Senate's repeal bill, read the letter below, and sign to demand a voice in the future of our health care.

Dear Senator McConnell:

We, the undersigned, are asking you for a public hearing about your health care bill before you vote. We are patients, friends, family, and medical professionals who believe you should hear directly from the people whose lives are on the line before you vote on any health care bill that takes away our care, raises our costs or risks the protections we rely on every day.

Based on news reports, Senator Enzi, you are drafting the Senate’s health care repeal bill behind closed doors without any public hearings or expert testimony, and you’re planning to force a vote before the end of June. Not a single patient or family member has been allowed to testify about your health care bill -- a bill that impacts our lives and jeopardizes our care.

We are the parents of children who only have health care coverage because of Medicaid, and the children of elderly parents who rely on Medicaid for the care they need in nursing homes.

We are the 60-year-old who needs to retire early, but won’t be able to afford higher premiums.

We are the expectant mother who doesn’t want to worry about how I’ll be able to afford my child’s upcoming delivery.

We are pre-existing conditions—the cancer patient, the kid with asthma, the senior with Alzheimer’s, the diabetic, the teenager with acne, the mother who had a c-section.

We are the teacher with a class room full of children with disabilities who are eager to continue learning and growing.

We are the doctors, nurses and caregivers who are dedicated to our patients receiving the best care.

We are your constituents. Please hear our stories before you vote. Let us testify.

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